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Osteoporosis is defined as a widespread skeletal condition distinguished by reduced bone strength, low bone mass, altered macro geometry, and micro architectural deterioration of bone tissue.

Curr Osteoporos Rep
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Pain has always been the major reason for primary care consultations. It signifies that something going inside the body is not right. Chronic pain results in, if acute pain is left untreated for considerable period. Pharmacological management is importantfor controlling any sort of pain.

Current Medical Research and Opinion
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The study objective was to assess the efficacy and patient acceptance of ketorolac as an alternative to meperidine for the treatment of severe musculoskeletal low back pain (LBP).

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Postoperative pain control is essential for achieving optimal patient outcomes. Opioid pain medications, which are often used for postoperative pain control, have deleterious side effects (nausea and vomiting), which limit the effectiveness of these medications.

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Moderate-to-severe acute pain occurs commonly following ambulatory procedures and in patients following surgery. Controlling moderate-to-severe acute pain adequately in the emergency room setting is also a challenge.

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