Guided bone regeneration to lower root migration after coronectomy of the lower third molar

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Guided bone regeneration to lower root migration after coronectomy of the lower third molar
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This study shows that the root migration was less in coronectomy with adjunctive guided bone regeneration (GBR) than to coronectomy alone. Moreover, the chance of long-term (3 years or more) root exposure and the need for a following second operation to efface the exposed root would be decreased.


Root migration is one of the most common complications during the molar coronectomy, and a portion of the root may be exposed in the oral cavity. This study distinguished the root migration rate, surgical morbidities after third molar coronectomy with or without adjunctive GBR.



A split-mouth randomised clinical trial was carried out on the on patients who have bilateral lower third molars close to their inferior alveolar nerve. In the study group, the individuals with one side of the lower third molars received coronectomy with adjunctive GBR, and the control group obtained coronectomy alone. The cases were subjected to a 2-year follow-up. Various factors, specifically; root migration, root exposure rate, surgical morbidities, and adjoining second molar periodontal regeneration were examined.



A total of 48 patients, i.e., 19 males and 29 females with a mean age of 2.6 years were selected for the study. No root exposure in the review period was observed. Also, no statistically significant differences were found in pain and infection rate between the two groups at all time-points. From 3 months onwards the root migration was notably less in the study group than the control group, and the root migrated only 1 mm (SD 1.3 mm) in 2 years in the study group which was 3.5 mm (S.D.1.9 mm) in the control group). No differences in the periodontal attachment regeneration between the two groups were observed.



The study concluded that the root migration in coronectomy with adjunctive GBR was less as compared to coronectomy alone, and similar surgical morbidities and periodontal regeneration of adjacent second molars was observed.


Clinical Oral Investigations


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Guided bone regeneration to reduce root migration after coronectomy of lower third molar: a randomized clinical trial



Exploratory, Pain, Molar, Split-mouth randomized clinical trial
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