Triggering can help diagnosing trigeminal neuralgia

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Triggering can help diagnosing trigeminal neuralgia

Even though it is extensively obtained that for trigeminal neuralgia, facial pain paroxysms triggered by innocuous stimuli constitute a hallmark sign, very few evaluations to explain that systematically investigated the triggers role which involved. In the published diagnostic classification, for the diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia triggered pain is an essential criterion, but no study to address this issue directly to date has been depicted.

In this study, Giulia, D.S. et al. to determine, patients with trigeminal neuralgia, and how frequently causes are present, which manoeuvres actuate them and where cutaneous and mucosal trigger zones are located. In a cross-sectional study design, 140 patients with trigeminal neuralgia collected for clinical characteristics focusing on trigger factors, Provocation of paroxysmal pain by various trigger manoeuvres was reported by 136 of the 140 patients. The most frequent movements were a gentle touching of the face (79%) and talking (54%), and trigger zones predominantly reported in the perioral and nasal region.

Evaluated assessment assures that in trigeminal neuralgia, paroxysmal pain is corresponding with triggers effectively in all patients to supports the use of triggers as an essential diagnostic feature of trigeminal neuralgia.


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Triggering trigeminal neuralgia


Giulia, D.S. et al.

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