Synovial Cyst of Knee Cruciate Ligament discovered to be an Inflammatory Pseudocyst

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Synovial Cyst of Knee Cruciate Ligament discovered to be an Inflammatory Pseudocyst

The synovial cyst of knee cruciate ligament (SCKCL) that cause severe knee pain is a pseudo-cyst, resulted from previous intra-ligament inflammation or minor hemorrhage, findings from a recent study published in the International Orthopaedics Journal.

SCKCL is a rare condition that causes a tremendous amount of pain. The etiology of SCKCL is not clearly known due to which it is hard to diagnose and manage the condition. Jun Xiao and colleagues explained the etiology of SCKCL by cyto- and histopathological examination via this recent study.

The patients who underwent arthroscopy were selected for the analysis. Out of these patients, five patients had a history of the previous knee injury. The staining of cyst fluid smear and cyst wall tissue sections was done via papanicolaou stain and hematoxylin + eosin stain, respectively. Prussian blue staining was utilized to stain both the cyst fluid smear and wall section. The possible association of various cells such as epithelial cells (CK), monocytes (CD68), mesothelial cells (MC), vascular endothelial cells (CD31) and hematogenous stem cells (CD117) with SCKCL development was evaluated via immunohistochemical staining.

Prussian stained hemosiderin particles were found in the fluid and cyst wall which indicates that patients suffered from hemorrhage previously. However, fluid showed no evidence of the erythrocyte. In the cyst wall and fluid, plentiful lymphocytes and plasmocytes were seen. Also, the cyst lining contained abundant CD68(+) monocytes while only a few MC(+) mesothelial cells were sporadically seen in four samples. The cyst submucosa was also diffused with abundant CD68(+) monocytes and proliferated capillaries stained with CD31. CD117-positve hematogenous stem cells were sporadically observed in eight specimens.


International Orthopaedics

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An evidence-based etiology study of synovial cyst of knee cruciate ligament: a real or pseudo-cyst


Jun Xiao et al.


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