SRIIPSS: Sports-Related Injuries and Illnesses in Paralympic Sport Study

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SRIIPSS: Sports-Related Injuries and Illnesses in Paralympic Sport Study

The paralympic sport furnish sporting opportunities for athletes with a disability, with the paralympic games as the main event. Participation in sport is anyway related with a high risk for sustaining injuries and illnesses. We have a finite knowledge about the sports-related injuries and illnesses in paralympic sport and there are no large-scale epidemiological cohort studies. A study has put-forward a protocol for a prospective longitudinal study: The Sports-Related Injuries and Illnesses in Paralympic Sport Study (SRIIPSS).

To structure the study protocol, an argument-based method for investigation of design problems was used. The first requirement of the protocol was to allow prospective studies over time and inculcate exposure to both training and competition. To reflect the complexity of paralympic sport with athletes, already existing impairments, use of assistive equipment, pain and other and medical issues, it is essential that data collection system is specifically adapted to paralympic sport. For efficient collection of data, at the same time as there is restricted access to coaches and medical personnel, it is beneficial that data can be collected online directly from the athletes. Thus, a self-report athlete monitoring system will be developed based on this, where the athletes can enter data weekly by using their mobile phones or lap-tops. For approximately 1 year, data will be collected from around 100 Swedish Paralympic athletes. This will be useful in: i) prospectively assess the annual incidence of sports-related injuries and illnesses and ii) investigate risk factors and mechanisms for sustaining sports-related injuries and illnesses based on athlete exposure and training loads.

Therefore, it was explored that for effective implementation of injury and illness prevention measures, comprehensive epidemiological knowledge is needed. For safe and healthy sport participation, the outcomes will ultimately contribute to the development of evidence-based preventive measures specifically adapted to paralympic sport. This project will thereby, be of importance for paralympic athletes at all levels and to the paralympic movement.

BMC Sports science, Medicine and Rehabilitation
Exploratory, Sports injury, Paralympic sport, Review, Sports-Related Injuries and Illnesses in Paralympic Sport Study (SRIIPSS)
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