Socio-demographic and Psychosocial Factors can be Associated with Prevalence and Chronicity of Severe Pain

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Socio-demographic and Psychosocial Factors can be Associated with Prevalence and Chronicity of Severe Pain

A study carried recently found that psychosocial factors are associated with pain presence in similar ways irrespective of location and socio-demographic factors, differences towards the magnitude and the direction in the association with pain frequency and chronicity in different body sites emerged. Chronic and severe pain impacts very adverse effects on health. If it left untreated, this might result in more severe conditions such as anger, depression, and disability to function daily routine activities. Therefore, it is essential to diagnose pain condition and where its core location. Body location, where the pain starts to arise, is a very crucial factor in articulation, perception, and underlying biological, mental or social causes of pain. Therefore, scientists conducted a cross-sectional survey to determine the relation of socio-demographic and psychosocial factors with chronic pain prevalence among different body parts. The study involved 15,474 Austrians participants that interviewed personally. The age of the participants was of 15 years and older. 

The prevalence of severe pain in any body part noticed was 38.6% and of chronic pain was 24.9% after one year. About 8.1% of participants felt pain in at least three body sites. The prevalence was higher among participants having depression, of age 65 years or older, unemployed, retired, low education, and in those who don't get social support. Further factors such as anxiety and depression were shown a relation with all body parts pain prevalence and chronicity during multivariate analyses. These kinds of association generally found for female sex, higher age, lack of social support, unemployment and low education. Moreover, the severity of pain in many body sites was related to participants who born in non-EU or EFTA states.


Wien Klin Wochenschr. 2017 Jun 20

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How are socio-demographic and psycho-social factors associated with the prevalence and chronicity of severe pain in 14 different body sites? A cross-sectional population-based survey


Wiener klinische Wochenschrift

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