Scientists evaluated Eccentric Exercise, Kinesiology Tape, and Balance in Healthy Men

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Scientists evaluated Eccentric Exercise, Kinesiology Tape, and Balance in Healthy Men

Slippage in balance has been recognised in athletes as a viable risk factor for knee injuries. Even with a lack of evidence for its efficacy, kinesiology tape (KT) is widely used to prevent knee injuries. To maintain the balance, which is the process of keeping the body's centre over the body's base of support, is an essential requirement for both sports and activities of daily living.

Balance ability is negatively affected by muscle fatigue induced by whole-body exercises such as walking, running, or cycling. These physical activity involving large muscle groups may degenerate an individual's capacity to proceeding exteroceptive information and sensory proprioceptive and decrease the efficiency of the muscular system.

To investigate the influence of KT at the knee joint on balance ability in healthy men after eccentric exercise. No history of lower limb injury 12 volunteered for the study (age = 23.3 ± 2.6 years), and all participants were students enrolled in a sports science program.

Participants performed the balance test with and without KT at the knee joint on two separate days. The ability to maintain balance was evaluated during a single-legged–stance test using a computerised balance-stability test system. The analysis was conducted before and after 30 minutes of downhill walking on a treadmill.

Resulted from Eccentric exercise in a deterioration of balance ability, and the using of KT diminished it. Moreover, again evaluated data revealed that the effectiveness of KT depended on the participant's balance status, with the preventive effect being more excellent in participants presenting with poorer baseline balance ability.

Applied to the knee joint, KT counteracted the exercise-related deterioration of balance ability observed when no tape was used and participants presenting with below-average balance ability received more benefit from KT. By preventing exercise-related impairment of balance ability, KT might help to reduce the risk of sport-associated knee injuries.


Journal of Athletic Training

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Eccentric Exercise, Kinesiology Tape, and Balance in Healthy Men


Simona; al.

Diagnostic, Injuries, Knee, Eccentric exercise, Kinesiology tape, Efficacy
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