Russian Scientists to Develop Vaccine for Opioid Dependence

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Russian Scientists to Develop Vaccine for Opioid Dependence

Russian scientists at the National Research Center (NSC) of narcology are in the process of developing a new vaccine against opioid dependence or drug addiction.

Tatyana Klimenko, Director of the center, believes that the final preparation will contain antibodies against opioid narcotic substances. The derivatives of morphine are combined with protein to obtain protective antibodies. According to Asya Berzin, Senior researcher of the laboratory of immunochemistry at NSC, in Russia,  the use of narcotic substances in the vaccine is banned. Therefore, for this vaccine, the antibodies will be derived from horse blood. Preclinical trials have shown that protection lasts for a year and after that, the vaccine has to be re-injected.

Scientists are developing this vaccine in accordance with the guidelines of Russian legislation. If the scientists are successful with this experiment, the similar strategy can be followed against other types of addiction. The researchers believes that the administration of vaccine can be a preventive strategy to protect against opioid dependence.



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In Russia, a vaccine for opioid dependence is being developed

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