Russia, all set to improve the health care system

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Russia, all set to improve the health care system

According to the Russian information agency and publishers Remedium, the ARIA (All-Russian Union of Insurers) along with MHIF (Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund) agreed to strengthen the health care system of Russia. The primary agenda of the collaboration will be the implementation of obligatory health insurance to improve the expertise of healthcare set-up.

The union will focus on to construct proposals on establishment and enhancement of the regulatory and legal structure in the part of the MLA. The workgroups will develop plans for amending the legislation. The member of the SRO, which are the part of Insurance Medical Organizations and Federal Migration Service will be selected to become experts by commissions along with other expert and working bodies. The development of measures are the major priority works. These measures focused on:
1. Establish a strategy to determine medical insurers activities.
2. Execution of may presidential commandment.
3. Upgrade methods to distribute medical aid among medical organizations comprised in the execution  of health insurance programs compulsory for their territory.
Along with all the above factors, assuring the availability of medical resources and good quality healthcare will also get focused to meet decided standard levels.




The original title of article:

The MHIF Fund and the All-Russian Union of Insurers together will improve the effectiveness of the health system

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