Role of Riboflavin in migraine management

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Role of Riboflavin in migraine management

Migraine is a neurological disorder that produces substantial disability for patients and has significantly increase the costs of healthcare system over 78 billion dollars per year. Amongst the numerous treatment options available for its prevention, Riboflavin is considered as safe and effective prophylactic therapy. However, there is lack of evidence reporting the present role of Riboflavin in preventing migraine.

Recently, a study was conducted to figure out the current role of riboflavin in migraine prevention. A MEDLINE search was performed from the year 1966-2016 by using the search term riboflavin and migraine disorders. Further, Excerpta Medica and Web of Science were also searched. The Excerpta Medica was examined from 1980-2016, and the search term used was riboflavin and migraine. The Web of Science was examined from 1945-2016 and the search term used was riboflavin and migraine. For additional citations, bibliographies of all important papers were also studied. The PRISMA guidelines were used to select review articles, clinical trials of riboflavin (single or in combination), supporting pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenomic data, human, English language and mechanism of riboflavin treatment in migraine management.

A total of 11 trials showed mixed results of riboflavin in migraine treatment. Out of these 11 trials, five showed a steady positive medicinal effect in adults, and four demonstrated mixed effects among adolescent & pediatric patients. The remaining two trials showed no beneficial effects. Although, no major adverse reactions of riboflavin were noted.

The overall findings of the study conclude that riboflavin therapy can be used in the management of migraine because of its tolerable and inexpensive properties. However, further analysis is required to solve the pharmacokinetic issues and pharmacogenomic associations of therapy.


J Clin Pharm Ther. 2017 May 8.

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Prophylaxis of migraine headaches with riboflavin: A systematic review


Thompson DF and Saluja HS


Riboflavin, Migraine, Prevention, Prophylactic therapy


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