Role of Nimesulide in Alleviating Acute Pain: Experts of International Consensus Meeting Group

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Role of Nimesulide in Alleviating Acute Pain: Experts of International Consensus Meeting Group
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As per the experts of the Consensus Meeting Group, the Nimesulide, in particular, is suitable for the treatment of different types of acute inflammatory pain. Labelled use of Nimesulide found to have good tolerability and similar safety profile to other NSAIDs. With the incidence of liver reactions 0.1 per 100,000 treated patients, the Nimesulide could be considered a valuable alternative to coxibs as it has comparable efficacy and lower cardiovascular risks.


Pain is a major cause of primary care consultations; acute pain can be considered as a warning signal of disease to the body. If the pain is not resolved in the expected healing period, it can lead to chronic pain. This study aimed to provide the latest insights from studies and case reports on the pathophysiology and treatment of acute pain with emphasis on Nimesulide indicated for the treatment of acute pain and primary dysmenorrhea.
This article compiles the outcomes of the International Consensus Meeting, held in Vienna on 4 November 2014.



Different case studies and previous reviews were discussed, and their outcomes were evaluated by the experts of the International Consensus Committee. The results were analyzed and published as a report. Also, the data reporting the affected patients by different forms of acute pain, the clinical experience of the experts was discussed based on selected case reports.



The members of the International Consensus Meeting realized that the Nimesulide is a highly effective NSAID in the treatment of painful conditions. It is also efficacious in acute inflammatory conditions such as primary dysmenorrhea. The epidemiological data and clinical experience confirmed a favourable benefit/risk profile of Nimesulide in the treatment of several acute pain conditions.



It was concluded that when Nimesulide is used appropriately, it is an appropriate and safe option for the treatment of several painful conditions characterized by the presence of acute inflammation due to its rapid onset of the analgesic action, and the positive, evidence-based benefit/risk profile.


Current Medical Research and Opinion Volume 32, 2016 - Issue 1


Original title of article:

Acute pain: a multifaceted challenge – the role of nimesulide


Kress H.G. Et al.

Exploratory, Nimesulide, Acute Pain, Dysmenorrhea, Acute, NSAIDs, Case Report, Drug Review, Symptomatic Therapy, Efficacy, Safety, Tolerability, GI Toxicity, Liver Reactions, Oral.
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