Renewing the Joy of Being a Physician

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Renewing the Joy of Being a Physician

Medical profession has traditionally been regarded as a nobel profession that provides tremendous job satisfaction. But, many doctors are finding themselves increasingly dissatisfied and exhausted with the medical practice. Physician must be encouraged to learn practice changes that can effectively reduce the hassles and make medicine both meaningful and nobel again.

Below are the five steps to get on the right path and restore themselves with joy of being a doctor which is getting faded these days.

  1. Rewarding relationship with patients: Building trust with patients is an important element of the successful medical practice. However, it can sometimes be a challenge. Building trust and good-relationship with the patients can make patients feel more comfortable and be more honest when discussing about their health and their sentiments. A simple face-to-face discussion about the person and snapshot of their life, such as learning about their hobbies, friends, family, and their day to day activities and working environmen before getting to the reason for the visit can make a big difference.
  2. Sense of deep purpose: Every healthcare professional have their own reasons of choosing this profession. Sense of deep purpose is the main driving force behind their decision and commitment to medical school, residency and growing practice. So, rethink, refocus, realign the way why you started this and get a fresh start with your purpose.
  3. Friendly interactions with teammates: The doctor–patient relationship has been and remains a keystone of care, as utmost focus. Additionally, friendly connection with team members create a positive environment, which in return help patients to enjoy their time in clinic. A sense of camaraderie and positive morale is an important force in a workplace which gives teammates encouragement. So, just by spending few minutes each day to talk with your teammates, leads to a friendly surroundings and a simple thanks can give employees a sense of unity and builds employee morale.
  4. Value or volume of patients: Every doctor have his or her own way of approaching, trating and helping patients. Use of new technology for scheduling, record keeping, and initial patient interaction can be a way to ease the waiting room volume and increase patient trust. As patients deserve the best care, it is important to value your patients time and emotions.

Thus, these steps can provide ways to a deeper sense of fulfillment in career as a physician. There is a deep joy to be found in the serving and healing of patients, and the practice medicine is the ultimate opportunity to make it a reality.

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