Reflexology: The zone therapy to manage pain in laboring women

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Reflexology: The zone therapy to manage pain in laboring women

Despite of several advancements in medical sciences labor pain it associated anxiety is still a problem and may not sometimes be managed via pharmacological treatments. To tackle this problem Zahi Arnon and colleagues conducted a study to evaluate reflexology effects on psychological and physical factors from which women (n = 36) went through during pregnancy and delivery. The study published in the Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine published research which governs the approach.

Reflexology is a set of complementary approaches to improve the physical and emotional health of the laboring women. The therapy enhances the self-confidence and potential of self-manage labor and delivery. Reflexology, also famous with the name of zone therapy, applying pressure to specific areas of hands, ear or feet to tackle a health issue. 
An Israeli university hospital was selected for study which provides integrative medicine facilities. The women interviewed till 48 hours after delivery, and the questions were related to their reflexology experience.
A total of 34 women out of 36 provided empowering and positive experience. Women felt enhanced feeling of self-confidence to manage the laboring condition. The labor pain and anxiety also reduced among these women. This enlightens reflexology is a beneficial approach for pregnant women to increase their confidence and self-efficacy to handle labor. 


J Complement Integr Med    


The original title of article:

Complementary medicine for laboring women: a qualitative study of the effects of reflexology


Zahi Arnon et al.

Therapeutic, Labor Pain, Qualitative Study
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