Present view on the management of ankle ligament sprains and tears

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Present view on the management of ankle ligament sprains and tears

Ankle sprain has always remained a huge area of interest in sports medicine. Research has led to lot of advancements in its prevention, diagnosis, and management. Still, 50% of individuals who sustain an ankle sprain do not seek medical care which ultimately hinders the successful recovery of an individual.

A recent review defines the current status of pathoanatomical features, differential diagnosis, objective assessment, intervention, and clinical course associated with managing lateral ankle ligament sprains. Author feels that the appropriate diagnosis and identification of injured area must be attained from history and objective assessment. Based on that, special treatment plan should be established which helps in easy recovery and simultaneously decreases the risk of reinjury. Proper evaluation must be done for appropriate diagnosis and prognosis of the injury should also be determined. Careful evaluation of all the injuries and measure of physical activity should also be included in examination.

Weight bearing with bracing, manual therapy, progressive therapeutic exercises, and cryotherapy should be the part of evidence based interventions for patients with ankle sprain. Manual therapy and a comprehensive rehabilitation program must be given to the individuals with chronic ankle instability (CAI). Normal clinical course of athletes and risk factors for an acute injury and CAI must be evaluated before considering any treatment plan.

Latest evidence-based restoration methods must be provided to the athletes for a successful return to sports and decreased chances of reinjury.

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