Period Pain can feel as bad as Heart Attack

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Period Pain can feel as bad as Heart Attack

Every month, millions of women around the globe suffer from the period pain. As per recent research, menstrual pain varies from person to person and it affect 1 in 5 individuals. Such women can get relief using hot water bottles, paracetamol and the foetal position at once, but this topic remains under-researched.

Olivia Goldhill, a writer at Quartz reveals that not enough research has been done to find treatments and mechanisms, that has lead to poor understanding of period pain. Frank Tu, director of the gynecological pain at NorthShore University Health System said that, “many doctors are taught that ibuprofen can provide relief from such pains, while John Guilleaud from the University College London said that “period cramping almost as bad as having a heart attack."

Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for the painful cramp, but no definite cause is found except endometriosis in which tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows outside it. This condition can cause infertility, if left untreated. According to Richard Legro from Penn State College of Medicine, "million dollar question" is why some women suffer more pain than others is not well understood.

Guilleaud believes that attitudes toward menstrual cramps were often dismissive in both male and female doctors. On the one hand, male doesn’t suffer this pain yet, doctors have underestimated this pain and on the other hand, some women doctors not expressing sympathy because either they don't get it themselves or if they do get it they think,"Well I can live with it, so can my patient."

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