Patient choices and analysis of the readiness to pay for tooth extraction and implant placements

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Patient choices and analysis of the readiness to pay for tooth extraction and implant placements

According to a recent study published in British Dental Journal patients tend to prefer a conservative way of treating a tooth with poor prognosis.

The present study highlights the importance of ensuring the patient's participation in dental treatment. It suggests that dental treatment cost may influence patient's dental visits and oral health. Patients may prefer to preserve natural tooth by a conservative treatment approach. This study was conducted to assess the patient's willingness to pay (WTP) values and their preference for the treatment of the tooth with very poor prognosis, among two options: root canal therapy and crown positioning or tooth extraction, implant insertion and crown positioning.

The study included 103 patients enrolled from a private dental clinic. The participants were interviewed and asked to fill a questionnaire to measure individual's preferences among the two alternative treatments for a tooth with poor prognosis and their willingness to pay the maximum amount of money for their choice with a starting amount of 2,000 in 100 increments/decrement. Demographic data, patient choice, median values and WTP association with socio-demographic factors (student t-test and one-way ANOVA) and a correlation between variables (Pearson chi-square test) were revealed. 

Results showed that 76% patients expressed willingness for root canal therapy, while the remaining 24% preferred the dental surgery. There was a significant correlation found between previous experience and current therapeutic choice (p=0.0001). The WTP median value was found to be 2,000 and 46% of participants would pay an additional sum of money for the therapy (median: 300). The preferred treatment was affected by previous experience, but no association was found between WTP values and socio-demographic factors.

It was deduced that patients tend to prefer a conservative approach to the treatment of a tooth with poor prognosis and are willing to pay an additional fee to receive their treatment choice.


British Dental Journal

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Natural tooth preservation versus extraction and implant placement: patient preferences and analysis of the willingness to pay


C. Ceci et al.

Exploratory, Patient, Conservative, Tooth extraction, Implant placements
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