Overview of standards of care for inflammatory arthritis

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Overview of standards of care for inflammatory arthritis

Inflammatory arthritis is a type of arthritis leading to inflammation of joints. Quality standards appear to be an efficient tool in advocacy, education, and for quality improvement purposes linked with arthritis. The purpose of this review is to outline the current prospects of quality standards for inflammatory arthritis (including rheumatoid arthritis; RA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and spondylarthritis), and to make a description based on the methodology for standard development.

Barber and colleagues conducted an audit by reviewing three medical databases and major websites of rheumatology and health care quality. An abstract was prepared based on standards, and they were categorized by relating to the structure, processes, or outcomes of health care. Total 10 sets including over 300 standards were abstracted and classified into 29 themes. Around 62% themes were related to processes, and 38% themes were related to the structure. All the standards enclosed many aspects along with the continuum of patient care from early identification and access to patient care, treatment and education, but there were no outcome standards. The methodology used to make standards were highly heterogeneous, and patients were involved in only 50% of the development teams.

Overall, this study provides a complete report on quality standards in inflammatory arthritis, and it also emphasized two standard uses : (i) a numeric target for performance measurement and (ii) a statement about the minimum, optimum, or aspirational goals of care that may not be easily measurable. In future, patients living with arthritis can be included in the standard development, and there should be rigorous and transparent methodology which can be used for standard development. It should also consider the development of quality measures alongside standards to enhance uptake and impact of both tools.


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Standards of care for inflammatory arthritis: A literature review


Claire E.H. Barber et al.

Exploratory, Standards of care, Inflammatory arthritis, Abstract
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