Neck and Scapula-focused Exercise Training for Non-Specific Neck Pain

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Neck and Scapula-focused Exercise Training for Non-Specific Neck Pain

Non-pharmacological approaches including neck-focused exercise and scapular stabilization training were found to be effective in reducing pain and disability in patients with Non-specific neck pain (NNP).

Neck and scapula-focused exercises could help in eradicating neck pain. However, the role of these exercises in NNP has not been explored yet. Therefore, Yildiz TI and team conducted the randomized controlled trial to estimate the effects of additional 6-week scapular stabilization training in patients with NNP.

A total of 30 patients with NNP were included in the study. 15 patients were placed under intervention group(IG) and were given neck-focused exercise and scapular stabilization training while the remaining 15 patients in the control group (CG) received neck-focused exercise training only. Both the groups were investigated at baseline and after 6-week rehabilitation. The visual analog scale (VAS) was used to evaluate the neck pain intensity. Neck disability index (NDI) was used to calculate the self-reported disability status. During dynamic shoulder elevation trials, 3-dimensional scapular kinematics were noted by using the electromagnetic tracking device and data was further investigated at 30°,60°,90°, and 120° of humerothoracic elevations.

Significant improvements were noted in VAS and NDI scores for both the groups. Both assessment outcomes had large effect size. No significant intergroup differences were observed for scapular kinematics especially scapular upward-downward rotation and anterior-posterior tilt. But, in the IG group, the scapula was more externally rotated at 120° humerothoracic elevation.


J Sport Rehabil. 2017 Jun 12:1-28

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Neck and Scapula-focused Exercise Training on Patients with Non-Specific Neck Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial


Yildiz TI et al.

Therapeutic, Neck pain, Neck, Randomized Controlled study, Symptomatic, Efficacy, VAS, NDI
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