Nasal Human Menopausal Gonadotropins: A Potential Novel Technique for Fertility Treatment

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Nasal Human Menopausal Gonadotropins: A Potential Novel Technique for Fertility Treatment

A study published in the journal- 'JBRA Assistant Reproduction' shows that an FDA approved nasal gonadotropin administration seems to be safe at very low doses and represents a potential novel method for ovarian stimulation.

Injectable gonadotropins used during the fertility treatments cause side-effects like pain at the injection site, skin erythema, muscle pain, and rarely vasovagal reflex.

These side effects give way to inconvenience and lower the patient's tolerance for fertility treatments. John Zhang and Zaher Merhi examined the safety and efficacy of an FDA-approved dose of nasal human menopausal gonadotropins in women undergoing fertility treatment.

Four healthy, regularly cycling reproductive-aged women with infertility were enrolled for this study. A total of 75 IU of each bottle of gonadotrophins was dissolved and placed in a nasal pump spray device (concentration of 3.75 IU/spray). Each participant inhaled a total of 2 sprays per day after which ovarian response during the follicular phase was observed by transvaginal ultrasound and serum hormone measurement. There were no side effects at the nasal site of drug administration. There were no known common side effects of the gonadotrophin drug described by any of the participants. Despite adequate absorption of the nasal gonadotrophins, as checked by elevated serum FSH levels while the nasal medication administration. Three out of four participants did not show any follicular growth until cycle day 13 while only one participant who agreed to continue taking the medication until cycle day 20 had one dominant follicle and elevated serum estradiol levels.


JBRA Assistant Reproduction


Original title of article:

Safety data for the use of nasal human menopausal gonadotropins: a potential novel approach for fertility treatment


John Zhang and Zaher Merhi

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