Medical check up camps

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Medical check up camps

Guidelines for conducting medical camps:

Even after development worldwide, we are struggling to provide basic health services to people. Many children die every hour due to respiratory infections. One child dies every 2 minutes due to diarrhea and annually millions children under 5 years of age die due to preventable diseases. In order to solve this problems, people awareness programs or services should be conducted which includes awareness programs, medical checkup camps etc.

Goals on basis of what the medical camps should be conducted:

Medical camps are conducted to carry out health promotion, education, minor medical or surgical treatments and preventive healthcare services.

  • The services are carried out on the principle of “Help Ever- Hurt Never”.

  • All the service activities at the camps are rendered free of charge to the attendees at the camp.

Protocol to be followed during a setup of a medical camp:

  1. Designation of a secured medical campsite under the management of a licensed physician as the camp medical director.

  2. Determine the health needs through the local public health and social welfare departments or other sources as indicated.

  3. Comply with the local, state and government laws concerned to work related health hazard, waste disposal management, privacy of individual health record in all camp activities.

  4. In contact with the nearby hospital, so that in case of any emergency, service should be available.

  5. Utilize standard registration form, a brief demographic sheet and consent forms.

  6. Collect and maintain clinical data with documentation of counseling and proper referral in a safe place ensuring confidentiality and easy access for follow up.

  7. All licensed medical professionals (such as doctors, nurses, laboratory and radiology technicians etc.) should have a current valid Professional license.

  8. Some countries may require local temporary registration in medical council in their state/region. Other forms of special permission or waivers through local government organization may be obtained for doctors to work in these camps.

  9. Informed consents must be obtained and filed if needed.

Medical director responsibilities:

  • Notify the regional or zonal medical director of the region where the camp is to be held, a minimum of eight weeks in advance about the camp.

  • Facilitate recruitment of required physicians and ancillary personnel.

  • Responsibility for organizing, supervising and ensuring proper emergency contact, free or low cost follow-ups and adequate compliance with local, state and federal laws.

  • Verify that all healthcare providers (such as doctors, nurses, laboratory and radiology, technicians etc.) have an active license to practice.

  • If the authorities require professional liability insurance, please ensure the healthcare providers comply with all such regulations.

  • Verify and/or obtain retain electronic copy of all the required documents from the healthcare providers as per the laws of the land.

  • Must assure general liability insurance for the date and location of the camp.

  • Camp medical director must archive for at least five years the medical records of patients seen in the camps.

  • Summary report for camp must be sent to the regional/national/zonal medical directors within one week of conclusion of medical camp.

The above summary report of the medical camp shall include:

  • Date and location of the medical camp

  • Services provided

  • Total number of patients seen

  • Total number of medical doctors and other medical professionals

  • Total number of non-medical volunteers

  • Physician in charge of medical camp

  • Short narrative summary in addition to above statistics

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