Living with persistent rheumatoid arthritis

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Living with persistent rheumatoid arthritis

Notwithstanding access to potent antirheumatic treatment, a considerable number of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) live with an ongoing active and symptomatic sickness. However, there is an inadequate knowledge about living with this severe long-term illness, known as persistent RA.

Sidona-Valentina Bala and colleagues conducted a descriptive study based on a hermeneutic phenomenological method. Ten adults with at least five years disease duration suffering from persistent RA were evaluated. The van Manen's method was used to analyse the interviews.

Overall, four themes were drawn from living with persistent RA, i.e. radical changes and limitations in one's life, an existence influenced by painful symptoms and treatment, a dependency on those who are close by and the world around and a continual struggle to cope with one's life and to conquer the illness.

Persistent RA and its treatment necessitate a radical effect on the person's overall quality of life. The individual requirements are not met with the present ordinary rheumatology care favorably.

Efficient development of care and the relief of suffering can be achieved by a considerable knowledge about and understanding of the persistent RA. A holistic approach to conventional clinical practice, like person-centered care, could be regarded as an innovative model of care. The explorations of this study might serve as data for educational and counseling purposes for healthcare professionals.


Journal of clinical nursing

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Living with persistent rheumatoid arthritis: a BARFOT study


Sidona-Valentina Bala et al.

Exploratory, Persistent Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joints, BARFOT Study, Van Manen's Method
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