Incidence of neuropathic pain in cancer patients

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Incidence of neuropathic pain in cancer patients

Growing research on neuropathic cancer pain has created a major need to assess the incidence of neuropathic cancer pain (NCP). The researchers of recent study had tried to address this unmet need by gathering data from systematic reviews and survey.

Medline, embrace and past reviews were searched for the studies published till 2014 which reported information on NCP incidence in adults with cancer. From observational prospective studies, pooled incidence rates were calculated. The link between incidence of NCP and probable predictors was inspected for oncology and palliative settings. Incidence rates were mined from questionnaire answered by 137 physicians working in 50 Italian centers of palliative care. Studies piloted in palliative settings and from the experts were estimated separately and ultimately joined with an informative Bayesian random-effect model.

Twenty-nine observational studies were recognized. The overall pooled incidence was 31.2%, with high heterogeneity and like numbers were detected when oncology and palliative settings were individually considered. Hospice/inpatients showed a little greater incidence of NCP as compared to outpatients, in both settings. Mean NCP prevalence stated by survey specialists was found to be 44.2%. The pooled Bayesian estimate for the palliative setting corresponded to 43.0%. The subgroup with lowest heterogeneity and where the literature and experts' estimates were closest is hospice/inpatients, with a pooled Bayesian prevalence rate of 34.9%.

The findings from the systematic reviews and survey propose that one of every three patients with cancer pain also suffer from NCP.

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Exploratory, Neuropathic pain, Nerves, Systematic review
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