Importance of time perspective in post-surgical pain management

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Importance of time perspective in post-surgical pain management

Pain after surgery is common and often requires proper management to resolve it. Several factors may help determine the severity the pain and ideal approaches to manage it. For example, different types of surgeries and surgical cuts causes different types of pain. A longer invasive surgery causes more severe painas compared to short non-invasive surgeries. To be comfortable, pain control can help to speed up the recovery and may reduce you’re the risk of developing certain post-surgical complications such as pneumonia and blood clots.

M. Sobol-Kwapinska et al conducted a clinical study to predict the acute post-surgical pain and coping with that pain following surgery with special consideration of preoperative time perspectives. The current study included 76 patients and completed the measures of time perspective and pain 24 h before the abdominal surgery. Three days after surgery, measures of pain and coping with pain were completed.

During the trial, hierarchical regression analysis was also performed to identify the predictors of acute post-surgical pain and it was also described that how patients coped with it. Analysis suggested that a preoperative past-negative time perspective can be a predictor of post-operative pain level and catastrophizing after surgery.

After the analysis, results indicated the importance of time perspective especially the past perspective while dealing with the post-operative pain. Overall, research suggests that a preoperative past-negative time perspective is a significant predictor of acute post-surgical pain intensity and the strongest predictor of pain catastrophizing.


Eur J Pain. 2016 Oct 13.

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Time perspective as a predictor of acute postsurgical pain and coping with pain following abdominal surgery


M. Sobol-Kwapinska, W. Plotek, P. Bąbel, M. Cybulski, A. Kluzik, J. Krystianc, M. Mandecki

Eur J Pain. 2016 Oct 13.
Exploratory, Postsurgical pain, Abdominal surgery, Acute, Hierarchical regression analyses
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