Is gout and radio graphic osteoarthritis in synergy with each other?

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Is gout and radio graphic osteoarthritis in synergy with each other?

Gout arthritis is an inflammatory arthritis which has to be managed in the primary care. Osteoarthritis (OA) may be the cardinal component in the spread of this disease in the first metatarsophalangeal joint and distal peripheral joints sparing the distal joints. This indication has not been well established, but only based on a hypothesis that common risk factors are associated in both osteoarthritis and gout. Therefore, this study was conducted to draw efficient results in this context.

Three observational cohorts of people more than 50 years of age with hand, knee and foot pain were considered in this study. Further, to draw the patients with gout, primary care medical records were searched and matched by age and gender to four individuals without gout. Using validated atlases., the presence and severity of radio graphic OA was scored. At the hand, foot and knee, the association between gout and radio graphic OA was determined via the conditional logistic regression models and calibrated for BMI, diuretic use and the site of joint pain.

On comparing 53 gout patients and 211 matched patients without gout, no statistically notable sodality was detected. It was revealed that in gout patients, the results indicated the increased odds of having nodal hand OA (aOR 1.46; 95 % CI 0.61, 3.50) and ≥8 hand joints with moderate to severe OA (aOR 3.57;95 %CI 0.62, 20.45). Also, ≥3 foot joints affected (aOR 4.00; 95 % CI 0.99, 16.10) and ≥1 foot joints with severe OA (aOR 1.46; 95 % CI 0.54, 3.94) was inferred. But, in either knee of gout patients; decreased odds of tibiofemoral (aOR 0.44; 95 % CI 0.15, 1.29) or patellofemoral (aOR 0.70; 95 % CI 0.22, 2.22) OA was rendered.

All in all, there was no alliance between gout and radio graphic OA. Anyhow, people with gout appeared to be more likely to have small joint OA and less likely to have large joint OA.

BMC Musculoskelet Disord.
Exploratory, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Hand, Knee, Foot, Cross-sectional study
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