Goals in rheumatoid arthritis care

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Goals in rheumatoid arthritis care

Rheumatoid arthritis is a debiliating condition that signifcantly affects the joints by causing pain, stiffness and inflammation in the affected area. Goals for patient care for RA often go unexplored during the clinical experience.

A systematic review was performed to identify needs, goals and expectations of RA patients in order to guide systematic elicitation of patient goals in clinical experience. A specialized algorithm was used by an academic librarian to search MEDLINE, PsychINFO and the Cochrane database to bring out the articles about patient goals for RA care. Using an inductive approach, the investiagtors screened search results as per the prespecified inclusion criteria and then included articles were reviewed and synthesized for the evidences.

In the literature search, total 909 titles were retrieved, of which 871 were excluded after a title/abstract screen. In the final review, of the remaining 38, 22 papers were considered. Four main themes in the literature were choosen by the investiagtors: (a) the bodily experience of RA; (b) achieving normalcy and maintaining wellness; (c) social connectedness and support; and (d) interpersonal and healthcare system interactions.

It was concluded that patients' goals while receiving care for RA should be multidimensional and span several facets of everyday life. Goals for RA care should be collaboratively made between patients and providers, with particular attention to the patient's life context and precedences.


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Patient goals in rheumatoid arthritis care: A systematic review and qualitative synthesis


Elizabeth Hulen et al.

Musculoskeletal care
Exploratory, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joints, Systematic Review and Qualitative Synthesis
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