Finally, New Drugs May Prevent Migraines

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Finally, New Drugs May Prevent Migraines

New insight into migraine pain has led to the production of new class of medicines which are now in late stages of development and may be more effective in the near future.

Millions of patients in the UK who experience migraines would benefit from these better medicines. However, these preventive medications are designed to prevent the duration of attacks as well as reduce the severity of migraine.

Today, several companies Teva, Amgen, Eli lily and Alder are in the late stages of testing a new class of migraine drugs. These drugs target a chemical known by its initials, CGRP or calcitonin gene-related peptide, that researchers have found that CGRP is involved in managing pain and controlling the width of blood vessels.

According to Peter Goadsby, Professor, trustee of The Migraine Trust, "This is a huge development for migraine sufferers. There is no current specific treatment that has been developed for migraine. The research has now come to a point where we understand the condition enough that we have worked out how to treat it. For a group of people who have never had a proper treatment, this is fantastic news. We have four companies charging along to develop this drug, which can only be a good thing. Competition can only push people along and push down prices.”

"These developments could prove life-changing for many migraine sufferers. An increase in the number of treatment options is a very exciting prospect, and could reduce the burden of migraine, including its impact on sufferers’ personal and professional lives," said Hannah Verghese, Advocacy and Policy Manager of The Migraine Trust.

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