Essential drugs (practical guidelines)

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Essential drugs (practical guidelines)

This is a practical manual intended for health professionals, physicians, pharmacists, nurses and health auxiliaries involved in curative care and drug management. We provide simple, practical solutions to the questions and problems faced by medical staff.

The list of drugs in this edition has been revised: in accordance to the recent WHO list of essential medicines, certain drugs have been added or others have been removed.

Some medicines in this book are not listed in the WHO list of essential medicines. However these drugs are in the same pharmaceutical class for which the WHO has named only one preceded by a square symbol to indicate that various drugs can be used as alternatives.

Certain medicines, which are not on the WHO list, but still administered although their use is not recommended. These medicines are classified according to the route of administration and in alphabetical order. Only the main contraindications, adverse effects, precautions and drug interactions are indicated in this manual. 

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