Efficacy of Progesterone in managing Menopausal Symptoms

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Efficacy of Progesterone in managing Menopausal Symptoms

Oral micronized progesterone helps to reduce the postmenopausal symptoms, confirms a recent study published in Climacteric Journal.

Many women feel sleepless and vasomotor symptoms (VMS) such as night sweats and hot flashes once they entered the post-menopausal phase. This dramatically affects their quality of life. Progesterone, a steroid hormone drops tremendously which lead to such symptoms in this phase. Progesterone therapy can be a good alternative for the postmenopausal women to get rid of such problems.

A single 3-month RCT was conducted which showed improvement in overall VMS symptoms. The RCT involved 133 healthy menopausal females who obtained 300 mg-micronized progesterone during nighttime. No withdrawal-related VMS rebound or cardiovascular issues were noticed during the study. The drug also showed better efficacy in enhancing cardiovascular, endothelial performance than estradiol.

The effectiveness of progesterone was also observed in an 8-year prospective cohort study in which 80,000 menopausal females were involved. The estrogen-treated females showed the significant reduction in breast cancer risks. Several other RCTs also validate the safety profile of Progesterone and confirm that it does not induce depression.

Overall, Progesterone can be considered as an effective therapy for reducing VMS and in improving sleep.   



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Progesterone for the treatment of symptomatic menopausal women.


 J. C. Prior

Therapeutic, Progesterone, Hormone, Randomized Controlled Trial
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