Efficacy of Elagolix in the treatment of endometriosis

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Efficacy of Elagolix in the treatment of endometriosis
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Various medication and treatment methods are established for endometriosis and it has been a matter of great interest for research. In this study, it is established that the new GnRH antagonist called Elagolix has been efficacious to treat endometriosis.


Previous investigation has proceeded into composing medicines that can be applied to relieve endometriosis-associated symptoms. Along with already verified medicines, a new GnRH antagonist, Elagolix, is in progress. The authenticity of this drug compared to other GnRH antagonists is the nonpeptide structure that enables it to be delivered orally.



Analysis of various Phase I, II and III clinical trials that have estimated the efficacy and safety of Elagolix were done. As many medicines on the market have acclaimed for the treatment of endometriosis-related indications, the proof of superiority or equality of effect, patient compliance as well as tolerability should be evaluated while proposing a new drug.



Elagolix may have a benefit over previous GnRH agonists, in that it is not involved with 'flare-up' effect, it too, takes a toll on bone mineral density.



Nonetheless, investigations have shown that the Elagolix is well tolerated, and with mild or moderate side effects. But, investigations are still required to evaluate whether Elagolix can compete with or establish gold-standard medical therapies in this field, more investigations that directly compare Elagolix to said treatments, might be required.


Expert Opin Pharmacother. 2017 Jul 24

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Efficacy of Elagolix in the treatment of endometriosis.


Perricos A et al.

Therapeutic, Elagolix, Endometriosis, GnRH antagonist, RCT, Efficacy, Safety
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