Dramatic improvement in ‘surprising’ stem cell therapy to treat arthritis

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Dramatic improvement in ‘surprising’ stem cell therapy to treat arthritis

Mayo clinic finds surprising  results on first ever test  of stem cell therapy for the treatment of arthritis in an attempt to reduce the arthritic pain and knee disability. Nearly 600 stem cell clinics are available in the U.S, so such testing is the need of the hour for 100,000–plus patients, who spend a lot for the treatment, seeking cure or long-lasting relief from symptoms.

Accordig to a study from  American Journal of Sports Medicine,  a dramatic improvement in the knee treated with stem cells was reported. Moreover,  it was noticed that  the stem cell-treated knee was no better than the control-treated knee, but both were significantly better than before the study began.

One of the another explanation of this treatment is patients get relieve from pain by simply injecting  any substance directly into a knee. According to Dr. Shapiro“That could be, but both this idea and the notion that a placebo effect could be involved would be surprising, given that some patients are still doing very well years after their study treatment ended."

Shane Shapiro added, “Our findings can be interpreted in ways that we now need to test – one of which is that bone marrow stem cell injection in one ailing knee can relieve pain in both affected knees in a systemic or whole–body fashion." This study was carried out in in Mayo’s Human Cell Therapy Lab, where researchers took out 60 to 90 milliliters of bone marrow from each patient, then filtered it, removed all blood cells, and concentrated it down to 4 to 5 milliliters. With the aid of ultrasound–guided imagery, solution having thousands of stem cells, was injected into a patient’s knee.

In conclusion, Mayo Clinic researchers are aiming to expand research and development of stem cell therapy in the future and test whether these stem cells can be used for other indicationa and also explore other implications suggested in their findings.


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Mayo Clinic finds surprising results on first-ever test of stem cell therapy to treat arthritis


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