The device for a migraine approved by FDA offers patients hope

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The device for a migraine approved by FDA offers patients hope

The US FDA just passed a sTMS  new device for migraine prevention. In 2014, the neuromodulation device was approved by the FDA and accepted for acute and preventive treatment in 2014 and 2016, respectively the CE mark in Europe. According to the manufacturer, the device is currently the only product, drug or device approved for the acute treatment of a migraine and the prevention of a chronic migraine and episodic.

The device is now labelled to address the entire spectrum of a migraine with easy use of the device, that in multiple clinical studies, has proven to be safe and effective.”

This device was tested in June at the 2017 American Headache Society Annual Scientific Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. A patient at the company’s booth gave a 2-second stimulation using the device on a day “on the edge” of a migraine attack.

Dr Grosberg described that “Transcranial magnetic stimulation occurs when a magnetic charge essentially is created near the scalp that leads to the development of a small electrical current with the brain. The device for a migraine is FDA approved for daily prevention as well as acute therapy, unlike the Cefaly invention.
An average of a 9.1-day reduction in headache frequency for people with 5-25 headache days per month. This device for migraine is approved for those with a chronic migraine and episodic attacks patients who experience attacks 14 days per month or more.



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Latest device for migraine approved by FDA offers patients hope


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