Corticosteroids for Managing Sports Injuries

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Corticosteroids for Managing Sports Injuries

A recent review reflects new sights of corticosteroids injections in providing relief from musculoskeletal pain, emerging in players.

Corticosteroids are known to comprise anti-inflammatory properties, which make them suitable to treat injuries.  As players are prone to injuries, researchers analyze the efficacy of corticosteroids in managing sports injuries. An extensive search of articles was done by considering terms like athletes, steroid, corticosteroid, and injections. The literature analysis showed the role of corticosteroids injections in pain alleviation related to axial spine and extremities. Apart from effectiveness, many problems (minor and major) along with a high degree of morbidity were also recorded. No adequate evidence regarding the efficacy of corticosteroids was found. Most of the research was found to be documented only on non-athlete older population. Corticosteroid injections were found to be well tolerated but only for a short period. No long-term benefits were noticed. The treatment is beneficial but can be used only after complete examination of disease pathogenesis, pharmacology, related complications and conditions that are specific to athlete bodies. In a comprehensive rehabilitation plan of providing care to players, corticosteroid injections are only presented as one part. Altogether, corticosteroid act as a promising treatment to manage sports injuries but with a caution. 


Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine 

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Injectable Corticosteroids in Sport.


 Nathan P. Olafsen et al.

Therapeutic, Musculoskeletal Pain, Corticosteroid, Parenteral
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