Connection between phantom pain and tinnitus

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Connection between phantom pain and tinnitus

A recent study has been published explained the association between chronic pain and tinnitus. Both conditions cause patients great discomfort and pain that is not arising from any external cause. Tinnitus is an irritating and debilitating auditory disorder in which a person hears sounds such as ringing that do not actually exist. It is typically results from damage to the cochlea (hearing organ in the inner ear). Patients experiencing severe chronic tinnitus have many characteristics in common with chronic pain patients. However, its underlying mechanisms are not fully understood.

The aim of this study is to review link about the mechanisms of chronic pain and to compare them with that of tinnitus. The symptoms and signs of severe tinnitus and chronic pain have many similarities and different types of treatments have been already suggested over the decades for these disorders, but yet no consensus is made on how to treat them.

Scientists hope that their finding will pave the way for better understanding of the causes of tinnitus and chronic pain and need to be evaluated in greater depth for the proper management strategies for these conditions. Thus, these new findings may give a new impetus to the prevention and treatment of tinnitus and phantom pain as well.

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