Clinical and economic assessment of a Case Management Service for patients suffering from back pain

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Clinical and economic assessment of a Case Management Service for patients suffering from back pain

Back pain is the most common musculoskeletal condition with high cost of management. In United Kingdom (UK) it affects 30% of the adult population annually. It is associated with functional limitation, depression, and anxiety, and thus reduced the quality of life (QoL). An experimental cohort study based on prospective data compilation of patient-reported outcome measures and data collection from an existing administrative health database.

Succeeding referrals into the Case Management Service over three months. Participants were managed within the Case Management Service by common pathways. Outcome evaluation involved PSFS and EQ‐5D‐5L. Assessments were taken at baseline and repeated at the point at which the client's case was closed. The CARE measure examined patient-reported practicality. Cost Consequence evaluation was completed using existing data for the same period in two separate years: 2014, two years after CMS application, and 2011, prior Case Management Service development. There was a consequent statistical development in the quality of life (EQ‐5D‐5L p < 0.0001; EQ‐VAS p < 0.001) and functional capability (p < 0.001) succeeding the Physiotherapy Case Management. The CARE determination showed high levels of patient satisfaction with 96% of clients rating their case manager as good to excellent.

The cost consequences evaluation showed a cost reduction in therapy resource utilization by £252 842 (from £10 772 875 to £10 520 034). The Case Management Service showed the provision to be serving a consequent improvement in the quality of life and functional outcomes within the efficient use of resources, and service users are highly satisfied with their experience.


J Eval Clin Pract. 2017 Aug 1

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Clinical and economic evaluation of a Case Management Service for patients with back pain


Judith; S. et al.

Therapeutic, Pain, Back pain, Effectiveness, Case Management Services
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