Canakinumab for Gouty Arthritis

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Canakinumab for Gouty Arthritis

Gout involves problem with the purine metabolism. In this disease, the uric acid levels are increased (hyperuricemia) and urate crystals accumulates in joints and tissues of the body. This deposition of urate crystals causes acute, recurrent and painful attacks of gouty arthritis in the joints, usually the foot (especially the big toe), knee, hand or wrist. Chronic gout occurs when joints are affected by subcutaneous concentrations of urate crystals (nodular tophi). A recent study analyzed the prevalence of gout in the UK as 1.4% and men are likely to get more affected with gout than women. Also, about 72% of people with gout in the UK experience at least 1 gout flare annually. Raised serum acid levels are directly proportional to the frequency of flares.

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