Bioptron light: A therapy for Sprains

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Bioptron light: A therapy for Sprains

Bioptron light therapy is a medical device technology that is based on a unique light therapy concept. It is a nobel prize-winning non-invasive light therapy which effectively treats and prevents a remarkable range of various medical applications, by stimulating blood circulation and tissue regeneration. Bioptron helps in lessening the inflammation and pain discomfort and improves tensile strength. In an area of wound healing, this therapy has been significantly proved to be an effective supplement to cryotherapy to reduce of ankle sprains symptoms.

Acute ankle sprains are one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries. Many treatment options have been suggested for ankle sprains: surgery, immobilization, bandages, tapes, different braces and balance training. These days, most authors suggest non-surgical treatments for ankle sprains. Therefore, bioptron light therapy provides a new insight into the management of acute ankle sprain.

Recently, researchers conducted a study to investigate the efficacy of bioptron light therapy for the grade II acute ankle sprains treatment. For this research, 25 participants were divided into two groups and both received cryotherapy and test group also received bioptron light therapy for 5 days. Before the treatment and at the end of the treatment, data was evaluated with aid of self-reported pain via a visual analogue scale, degree of ankle edema and ankle range of motion via goniometry. This parallel group, single-blind, controlled study showed improvements in pain in the patients at treatment five who practised bioptron light therapy in conjunction with cryotherapy.

However, cryotherapy is the first-standard treatment of acute ankle sprains, but phototherapy with bioptron light shows better signs ankle sprain treatment. However, further, larger studies are required to confirm these initial positive effects, so that patients can make more informed choices about persisting with treatment.

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