Avera medical minute Amck: foot pain relief by acupuncture

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Avera medical minute Amck: foot pain relief by acupuncture

Jenna Booth developed plantar fasciitis in her heels after running two marathons last summer and she had no choice other than visiting Dr. Sally Williams' office for acupuncture treatments.

According to Booth, she had two cortizone shots in each foot, tried rolling around a water bottle with foot, did stretches, slept with night splints etc. but nothing worked for her. Along with relief, she wanted to continue training for the Boston Marathon (biggest race of her life). As there was nothing to lose, Jenna gave Dr. Williams and acupuncture, a chance.

According to Dr. Williams, Integrative medicine specialist, Avera McKennan, acupuncture is an unnoticed tool or treatment option for such problems and is more famous in other countries, but slowly gaining popularity in their region. Dr. Williams positioned needles in specific points from head to toe which were stimulating Jenna's nervous system to release chemicals and hormones which promoted natural healing and balance in her body especially feet.

According to Jenna, she was hesitating and was wondering whether this will work or not but she came pretty well and started picking it up doing about two or three times a week just before the marathon. According to Dr. Williams, some people get worried due to use of needle which are just like a thick piece of hair. Many people also get worried because needle might hurt but the most common response is, oh that's it? With the help of Dr. Williams, Jenna started the 26.2 mile trek through Boston on 20th April. During start, she was afraid of pain, but mile after mile; her feet carried her to glory.

Jenna said, "I remember somebody saying as soon as you turn the corner on Boylston Street, you can see the finish line so it's all downhill and I remember I saw my family and I saw the finish line and I really thought anything is possible!"

Every patient is different and can react differently to different treatments. In Jenna's case, acupuncture improved her pain and also helped in realizing her dream. In Dr. Williams’ opinion, acupuncture is the best pain relief tool for the people who have tried other treatments or have had pain for many years. Jenna was really happy and said that acupuncture didn’t corrected her foot pain only rather the 20 minute sessions gave her a chance to relax and unwind. 

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