Anti-migraine medicines sales increasing in Russia

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Anti-migraine medicines sales increasing in Russia

Russian pharmacies are selling the drugs to counter a migraine at faster rates. About 490.9 thousand migraine medicine packs worth 121.9 million rubles were sold in May 2018. An increase of 3.1% and 1.3% is seen in real and value terms respectively as compared to May 2017. In just one month, a 0.5% increase was noticed in one package weighted average cost of 248.3 rubles.

As the primary way to tackle a migraine is treatment via medicines thus, the price range was reduced by 1.7% relative to the previous year.
In Russian pharmacies, 14 manufacturers released 11 brands of migraine medications in May 2018. The funds given to pharmacies for this work are entirely in accordance to prescription. A total of 575.9 million rubles was used in anti-migraine funds in the first five months of 2018. As compared to 2017, the anti-migraine medications sales raised by 6.4% in packs and 3.7% in rubles.
The brands Sumatriptan, Amigrenin and Sumygren covered 68.6% of the anti-migraine drug market. Most of the patients trusted  Sumatriptan, Sumatriptan-Teva and Amigrenin more as compared to other brands. All these figures and results reflected that anti-migraine drugs sales have increased in Russia during recent time.




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Sales of drugs for migraine are growing in Russia

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