Analysis of patient-reported outcomes and opioid use in outpatients with chronic pain

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Analysis of patient-reported outcomes and opioid use in outpatients with chronic pain

From July 8, 2011, to December 10, 2014, the patient characteristics, treatments, and results for a prospective cohort of 1,159 chronic pain patients who visited the Weill Cornell Medical College Pain Medicine outpatient clinic were included in the Registry database. A total of 43% patients were aged 45 to 64 years and 37% were aged above 65 years, with females being 58%.

About 22.3% patients reported mild average pain intensity (Brief Pain Inventory), 34.7% patients reported moderate average pain intensity (Brief Pain Inventory) and 43.0% reported severe average pain intensity (Brief Pain Inventory). The patient's report of average percent pain relief and health state (EuroQOL 5 Dimensions) was inversely related to average pain intensity group. The measures of pain interference, number of worst pain locations, and physical and psychological distress directly concerned the pain intensity category.

At one or more clinic experiences, 77% patients received an opioid. The median daily opioid dose in morphine equivalents was 55 with a range from 2 to 1,145 morphine equivalents. As per the regression analysis, being male was related to greater likelihood of an opioid ordered and elevated average dosage than being female. Novel insights can be provided by the registry to portray patients characteristics and treatments.

The outcomes of estimation of patient-reported outcomes and patient-related electronic health record data collected under the standard of care from a prospective cohort of chronic pain outpatients at a New York City pain management clinic have been described in this piece of words described here. An efficient opportunity to ameliorate individualized chronic pain management is presented in the registry.


J Pain. 2017 Jan 12

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Patient-Reported Outcomes and Opioid Use in Outpatients With Chronic Pain


Witkin LR  et al.

Exploratory, Opioids, Pain, Chronic, Prospective Cohort, Brief Pain Inventory, EuroQOL 5 Dimensions
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