Airborne Pollutants May Increase the Risk of Osteoporotic Hip Fractures

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Airborne Pollutants May Increase the Risk of Osteoporotic Hip Fractures

According to a recently published ecological retrospective cohort study in Osteoporosis International Journal, a short-term relationship was observed for the first time with several indicators of air pollution on the prevalence of hip fracture.'

The outdoor air pollution is associated with a high prevalence of hip fracture incidences, the airborne pollutants NO2 and SO2 show a great relationship with osteoporosis. Three databases were searched to obtain information. The relationship of hip fracture with various outdoor air pollutants: monoxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and ozone (O3) along with particulate matter in suspension< 10-μm (PM10) and < 2.5 (PM2.5) was evaluated in a time-series analysis by applying Poisson distribution. All parameters were estimated for incidence rate ratio (IRR), crude and adjusted by different weather and season conditions. The incidences of hip fracture were determined via age (under or over age 75) and sex subgroups. The daily hospital hip fracture entries were considered as the study's primary outcome measure.

An association between pollutants NO (IRR 1.01), NO2 (IRR 1.02) and SO2 (IRR 1.11) with hip fractures was observed. No relationship was noticed between O3 (IRR 0.97) and hip fractures. On adjusted by season, only NO2 and SO2 showed a continued association. Further, only NO2 was able to maintain the association after adjusting season along with weather conditions. Women older than 75 years showed association with air pollution when categorized according to age and sex. Various types of pollutants showed an association with hip fractures in female patients.


Osteoporosis International

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Short-term association between outdoor air pollution and osteoporotic hip fracture


R.Mazzucchelli et al.

Exploratory, Osteoporosis, Hip, IRR
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