A Study finds New Variables that Influences the Pain Severity

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A Study finds New Variables that Influences the Pain Severity

A recent study published in 'BMC Anesthesiology' found new variables that influence the severity of pain, such as the operated region, anesthetic technique, and type of surgical department.

The present pain evaluation and treatment does not focus on every patient's needs. However, the polish national guidelines for post-operative pain management have been issued; many patients undergo acute pain during the postoperative period. This prospective and observational study focused on estimating pain severity among patients from different kinds of hospitals (primary, secondary, and tertiary centers) after similar types of surgeries. Michal Borys et al. also intended to determine if there were any differences in pain severity related to anesthesia technique, type of surgery, and the patient's age and sex.

The demographic data, type of hospital, surgery, anesthesia, and patient satisfaction of pain control in the postoperative period was collected using a questionnaire. The pain severity was evaluated using visual analogue scale (VAS) at four-time points after surgery (4, 8, 12, and 24 h).

A total of 269 women and 293 men participated in this study in seven hospitals in Eastern Poland from November 2015 to June 2016. After 4 hour evaluation, 39.32% of patients reported the pain as moderate and 19.75% as severe. There was a difference in pain intensity between patients treated in primary and secondary hospitals. The vascular surgery patients had the lowest pain levels (19 (13–26)), mainly in comparison to those undergoing thoracic surgery (30 (27–33)). There was a sudden elevation in pain severity among patients anesthetized with the single-shot spinal method. During the first 24 hours of surgery, only 4.9% participants received strong opioids.

The post-operative pain management appeared to be inferior after single-shot subarachnoid anesthesia. In some groups of patients, the use of analgesics may be restricted despite the concerns. The results from this study are in discrepancy with recommendations provided by the national guidelines for post-operative pain management.


BMC Anesthesiology

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Survey of postoperative pain control in different types of hospitals: a multicenter observational study


Michal Borys et al.

Exploratory, Pain, Acute, Opioids, Analgesics, Prospective observational study, Visual analogue scale (VAS)
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