Serum level of ionized calcium can impact the migraine attack

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Serum level of ionized calcium can impact the migraine attack

Migraine is known as a debilitating headache. The primary indication of a migraine is usually an intense headache on one side of the head. This debilitating progressive and chronic neurovascular disorder affect approximately 6% of males and 18% of females worldwide.

A migraine is more frequent in midlife with 3- fold more prevalent in women. The prevalence of migraine in Asian countries is 3% in men and 10% in women. Moreover, in European adults is 14.7%. To aim, the study was to differentiate the serum ionized calcium level in patients with a headache strike and standard subjects. To evaluate and distinguish the serum ionized calcium, which is the active form of this ion level during the migraine strike and in the general issue (with no headache).

The assessment was conducted on 50 patients who were referred to the Jahrom, Honari Clinic. Migrainous patients were determined according to the Criteria of the International Headache Society (IHS). Serum ionized calcium level was measured by Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) method. Seventy- six per cent of all patients who get involved in the evaluation were females, the rest of them were males. The mean age for females was 34.8 years old and for males 37. Mean serum level of ionized Ca2+ was 3.5 mmol/L and 4.5 mmol/L in females during a headache strikes and normal subjects consequently and Mean serum level of ionized Ca2+ was 3.7 mmol/L and 4.3 mmol/L in men during a headache strikes and normal stage (without headaches) consequently. The assessment was a remarkable difference in serum Ca2+ level during migraine attacks which decreased outstanding compared with normal mode in females and males (P<0.05). According to evaluated data, serum levels of Ca2+ during migraine attacks decreased significantly compared with normal subjects, which showed Ca2+ has an impact on these attacks. However, more research in this area appears to be needed.



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Serum level of ionized calcium in patients with migraine during a migraine attack and times without migraine


Kazemi; M. et al.

Diagnostic, Migraine, Comparative, Serum ionized calcium, ISE
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