Risk of Complications during Pregnancy and Childbirth Problems Owing to Severe Migraines

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Risk of Complications during Pregnancy and Childbirth Problems Owing to Severe Migraines

New research proposed that severe migraines may indicate that the possibility of complications is more during pregnancy and childbirth especially in older women population.

According to, Dr. Matthew Robbins, study author, in a Montefiore Medical Center news release, "The results of this study were of particular interest because more than half of the pregnant women with migraine experienced some type of adverse birth outcome, suggesting that these pregnancies should be considered high risk". Dr. Matthew Robbins is director of inpatient services at Montefiore Headache Center and chief of neurology at the Jack D. Weiler Hospital of Montefiore in New York City.

This study was conducted only to found a link between migraines and pregnancy and delivery complications in females. However, it was not sketched out to verify all that complications were related with treating or having migraines.

This study had pregnant 90 females who required urgent medical care due to severe migraines. The investigators claimed that about 8% of normal pregnant females have pregnancy complication i.e. Preeclampsia, have perilously high blood pressure as in the study found 20% of females had the same complication.

Futhermore, general population (10%) also experienced another problem during pregnancy which is preterm delivery. About 30% of females in the study had faced preterm delivery and it is also found that 19% of females with migraines had low-birth weight babies as compared 8% among females without migraines.

All such complications were seven times more prevalent in females with an age 35 and older with severe migraines than females in the general population. In the study, combination of pills and intravenous drugs were adminstered to nearly 62% for migraine, though researchers told that they are not sure either these medicines played a role or not in pregnancy and its birth complications. As per Robbins, “These findings need to be replicated with a larger number of women, including those who have migraine that does not manifest with severe attacks during pregnancy".

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