A revolutionary Outpatient Option for Spinal Stenosis by Premier pain and spine

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A revolutionary Outpatient Option for Spinal Stenosis by Premier pain and spine

A novel Superion indirect decompression system for lumbar spinal stenosis was presented by a top  Chicago pain management center, Premier Pain and Spine. The process was carried out by the expert; Board Certified physicians in practice. From it's starting, Premier Pain & Spine has widely been known to set the gold standard for the chronic pain treatment.

Therefore, physicians of Premier Pain & Spine are often the first to be considered as early-adopters of new medical technologies which considerably upgrade the lives of patients. Recently, Premier Pain & Spine was hand selected by VertiFlex, Inc., to be one of the very first measures in the United States to provide the revolutionary, minimally-invasive Superion Indirect Decompression System to treat patients suffering from the lumbar spinal stenosis.

In the United Sates, people are commonly affected by spinal stenosis, which is a degenerative spine condition. Spinal stenosis is often associated with symptoms like pain, numbness, and weakness in their legs and severe low back pain. Before Superion, there was a lack of treatment options available to lumbar spinal stenosis The only treatment options available were conservative care, like injections and physical therapy, or invasive surgical procedures.

Superion can bridge this wide gap in treatment options for patients who do not get expected results from conservative care but do not want or need to have invasive surgery. The Superion Indirect Decompression System procedure takes about 30-45 minutes for completion. Often, the patients go home within 1-2 hours of the procedure. Also, the recovery time is much shorter than invasive surgery so that patients can come back to their daily routines within 1-2 weeks, without pain and weakness. Superion technology can be efficiently performed by the experts at Premier Pain & Spine. A drop in leg pain value to 79 % through four years was observed while being tested in an FDA clinical trial. A small tube about the size of a dime is used in the procedure.

The spinous processes of the affected level contain the titanium implant. An indirect decompression of the spine can be observed when the plant is separated, usually able to loosen up the nerve roots being pinched for relief.



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Premier Pain and Spine is Now offering a Revolutionary Outpatient Option for Spinal Stenosis

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