Progesterone for Women with Osteoporosis

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Progesterone for Women with Osteoporosis

In a recent study by Prior JC in the journal 'Climacteric', the role of Progesterone plus Estradiol or other antiresorptive therapies was explained which add 0.68% per year and it may be a highly effective osteoporosis treatment. 

As Estradiol is essential for the development of adolescent peak bone mineral density (BMD) and physiological levels, it considered as a women's dominant 'bone hormone'. It prevents the rapid (3-week) bone resorption that leads to most adult BMD loss. Nonetheless, reducing the E2 levels provoke bone resorption/loss. Progesterone (P4) is E2's physiological partner, which participate with E2 in every cell/tissue. Its bone 'job' is to escalate P4-receptor-mediated, slow (3-4 months) osteoblastic new bone generation. The BMD is sturdy when E2 and P4 are balanced due to normal length and ovulatory menstrual cycles. But, the ovulatory disturbances (anovulation, short luteal phases) and low P4 levels are commonly observed in cycles especially in teen and perimenopausal women. These issues are heightened due to stress: energy insufficiency, emotional/social/economic threats and illness. As per meta-analysis, almost 1% per year spinal BMD loss happen in those with greater than median (∼31%) of ovulatory disturbed cycles. The prevention of osteoporosis entails the reversal of stressors, detection and treatment of teen-to-perimenopausal recurrent cycle/ovulatory issues with the help of cyclic oral micronized Progesterone. In later ages, the low 'Peak Perimenopausal BMD' is most likely the primary risk concern for fragility fractures. For future studies, randomized controlled trials are required to address the Progesterone's important role in women's bone formation.


Climacteric. 2018 Jul 2:1-9.

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Progesterone for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in women.


Prior JC

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