Primary headache disorders increases the risk of stroke

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Primary headache disorders increases the risk of stroke

Primary headache disorders (PHDs) include migraine, tension-type headache, cluster headache, and other primary headaches. Headache associated with migraine is known to contribute tostroke, which is one of the primary cause of permanent disability and mortality across the globe.  Limited data is available for PHDs as a risk factor for stroke. The population-based cohort study mentioned here was performed to explore the association between PHDs and its association with increased risk of stroke.

The current study included a total of 1346 patients with PHDs and compared with 5384 age-, gender- and co-morbidity-matched control cohorts. For the definition of PHDs, stroke, and stroke risk factors, International Classification of Diseases, Clinical Modification codes were administered into the study. Cox proportional-hazards regressions were accomplished for revealing the hazard ratios (HR).

Patients with PHDs displayed a 1.49 times (95% CI :1.15–1.98, P < 0.01) higher risk for developing ischaemic stroke compared to that of control cohorts.  Both migraine (HR=1.22, 95% CI :1.13–1.97, P<0.05) and tension-type headache (HR=2.29, 95% CI :1.22–2.80, P<0.01) were related with an escalated risk of ischemic stroke. Higher risk for developing ischaemic stroke (HR=1.49, 95% CI :1.13–1.90, P<0.01) was observed in females with  PHDs than those without PHDs. Patient of PHDs aged 45 to 64 years displayed significantly higher risk to instigate ischaemic stroke (HR=1.50, 95% CI: 1.11–2.10, P<0.05) than the matched controls. The effect of PHDs on ischaemic stroke risk was evident and gradually increased.

Therefore, PHD is indicative of an incremental risk for ischaemic stroke and gender-dependent, age-specific and time-dependent characteristics were also considered.


The journal of headcahe and pain

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The potential impact of primary headache disorders on stroke risk


 Chia-Lin Tsai et al.

The journal of headcahe and pain
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