Pregabalin reduces Post-Lichtenstein Herniorrhaphy Pain

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Pregabalin reduces Post-Lichtenstein Herniorrhaphy Pain

As per the recent clinical trial conducted in the department of surgery, Ayatollah Mousavi Hospital, Zanjan, Iran, Pregabalin significantly reduces post-Lichtenstein herniorrhaphy pain and opioid consumption in the first 3 days after surgery.

Pregabalin, a gamma-aminobutyric acid analog is used to manage conditions related to neuropathic pain, anxiety or inflammatory problems. Mohammad Hossein Moghimi and colleagues conducted the randomized controlled trial with an aim to establish the efficacy and safety of pregabalin on pain relief post-herniorrhaphy.

A total of 60 men were selected for unilateral inguinal herniorrhaphy under spinal anesthesia. The subjected were categorized into two groups; one was Pregabalin or investigation group, and the other was the placebo or control group. Patients in the investigation group obtained 300 mg pregabalin 2 hours before and 150 mg oral pregabalin after 12 and 24 hours of the procedure along with 1 mg/kg Pethidine and regular postoperative medicine. Other group obtained placebo capsules (dosage same as investigation group) along with 1 mg/kg Pethidine and regular postoperative medication. The same approach was used to perform all surgeries. The intensity of pain was assessed in lying and walking positions via VAS at 12 h, 24 h, 3rd and 7th day after the treatment. The determination of adverse effects of pregabalin and pethidine intake was also done.

A significant reduction in pain scores (VAS) and pethidine intake was observed in the investigation group at 12 h, 24 h and 3 days after the treatment as compared to the placebo group (p<0.05). The overall results suggest a crucial role of pregabalin in post-operative pain after herniorrhaphy. However, in elders, it should be used with caution.


J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol          


The original title of the article:

The effects of oral Pregabalin on post-Lichtenstein herniorrhaphic  pain: a randomized clinical trial


Mohammad Hossein Moghimi et al.

Therapeutic, Pregabalin, Post-operative Pain, Anticonvulsants, Randomized Clinical Trial, Efficacy, Safety, VAS, Orally
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