Patients with Preliminary Gout develop Earlier Critical Joint Involvement and Metabolic Disorders

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Patients with Preliminary Gout develop Earlier Critical Joint Involvement and Metabolic Disorders

According to a study issued in 'Arthritis Care and Research' journal, the gout patients with early start had rather more severe joint involvement and earlier metabolic disorders as compared to the common gout patients.

There is not much information about the clinical features and comorbidity profile of patients presenting with early-onset gout (EOG), yet the international guidelines suggest their treatment rapidly after diagnosis. This study was executed to investigate the particular characteristics and comorbidities of patients with gout with an early onset.

Tristan Pascart and the researchers divided a total of 985 patients into two groups- early-onset gout (EOG) (120 patients aged 49.5 (±11.9) years) which comprised of patients from a cross‐sectional French national cohort (‘GOSPEL’), who had their first gout flare before the age of 40. The second group was the common gout group (865 patients aged 64.4 (±10.1) years) having those with onset after 40.

The study showed that the patients with EOG frequently presented with a history of polyarticular flares (p<0.01), but had a similar frequency of flares (p=0.16), gout arthropathy (p=0.79) and tophi (p=0.53). The occurrence of each item composing the metabolic syndrome did not vary between groups. In patients with an early onset, all cardiovascular comorbidities were identified after gout onset. 

A family history of gout, lengthy urate-lowering treatment, surged serum urate levels and the metabolic syndrome were all linked to the early onset gout group. Older age, low HDL, and excessive alcohol intake were linked in multivariate analysis to the common gout group.


Arthritis Care and Research

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GOSPEL 4 ‐ Patients with early-onset gout develop earlier severe joint involvement and metabolic comorbid conditions


Tristan Pascart et al.

Exploratory, Gout, Joint, Cross‐sectional French national cohort (GOSPEL), Multivariate analysis
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