Occupational factors may affect the incidences of chronic low back

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Occupational factors may affect the incidences of chronic low back

A rigorous workload may impose significant adverse effects on overall health. One of the common health concern among workers is the Chronic lower back pain (CLBP). This is associated complications like difficulty in standing, back stiffness and restricted lower back movement for at least 6 months or sometimes longer than that. The primary reason for CLBP at the workplace is occupational factors imposing consistent stress on the specific body parts causing back pain.

The VISAT (Vieillissement SAnté Travail) study by Dr. Yolande Esquirol and colleagues was executed to estimate the impact of a wide range of occupational factors on the incidence and persistence of CLBP.

Total of 1560 workers were examined at the baseline and after 5 years. The newly affected participants with CLBP and those with persistent CLBP were differentiated at follow-up. A broad range of occupational factors such as physical, employment, psycho-social and organizational were analyzed other than just the individual factors. Further, multivariate analysis and receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves were used to determine the predictive factors of incidence and persistence of CLBP and also, the contribution of occupational factors toward the disease.

After 5 years, 22.6% workers who were without any CLBP symptoms initially were presented with CLBP. About 53.7% workers with CLBP at baseline, were presented with CLBP at the second phase. The factors like lack of complete work recognition, carrying heavy loads and productivity related income speculated a higher risk of occurrence of CLBP. While the risk of persistence might be double for depression and rheumatological events, there was no significant relationship between occupation factors and risk of persistence of CLBP. The ROC curves confirmed the remarkable contribution of occupational factors to the occurrence of CLBP.

Overall, it was concluded that the occupational factors played a crucial role in the incidence of CLBP. Also, the individual factors were the key determinants of persistence of CLBP.


Occupational and Environmental Medicine

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Contribution of occupational factors to the incidence and persistence of chronic low back pain among workers: results from the longitudinal VISAT study


Yolande Esquirol, Michel Niezborala et al.

Exploratory, Low back pain, Low back, Longitudnal VISAT study
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