New topical therapeutic approaches to counter localized neuropathic pain

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New topical therapeutic approaches to counter localized neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain arises when nerves itself get damaged or injured. Various therapeutic strategies are present to provide relief against the neuropathic pain, but the topical administration is one of the best ways. This relay medication concentration at only the site of application. Even, specialists and general practitioners start to prefer topical treatments.

Therefore, to evaluate the potential efficacy of available therapeutic compounds to tackle localized neuropathic pain, a study was conducted by Roberto Casale, Z. Symeonidou1 and M. Bartolo. The therapeutics which used in the study include:

- Local anaesthetics (mepivacaine, lidocaine and bupivacaine)

- Muscle relaxants (like baclofen)

- General anaesthetic agents (like ketamine)

- Capsaicin

- Salicylates

- Alpha 2 adrenergic agents (like clonidine)

- Anti-inflammatory drugs (diclofenac)

- Antidepressants (amitriptyline and doxepin)

These all alone or in combination were tested in certain applications for the treatment of Localized Neuropathic Pain. The papers concerning these treatment measures were evaluated as having high (grade 1), medium (grades 2 and 3) or low (grades 4 and 5) levels of evidence as per the ‘Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine for Treatment' classification. The efficacy was checked individually by action mechanism, pathology and quality of studies. The factors were evaluated. With little systematic side effects and drug-drug interactions, the field of topical therapeutics for localized neuropathic pain provides high levels of potential efficacy.


Current Pain and Headache Reports

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Topical treatments for localized neuropathic pain


Roberto Casale, Z. Symeonidou1 & M. Bartolo

New topical therapeutic approaches, localized neuropathic pain
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